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Support for this means that both can be enhanced by this technology and will provide functionality/systems in game engines similar to Nanite (grid format and rendering technology for rendering pixel-scale detail and a large number of elements) and virtual textures (texture vaporization technology) in the more powerful Unreal Engine 5 (no You know the similar names of these technologies in the Diablo 4 engine (or if they support something similar).

The Epic engineer confirms that DirectStorage will be added to UE5. Nanite and Virtual Textures will be the first to use it.

Since you’ve lost both loading screens, you can (continuously) load more “detail” or enough detail but more efficiently without degrading the quality/experience since there are no (noticeable) steps between the LOD (level of detail) of the grids. You will then get exactly enough for that moment of what the game/machine can handle.

Well suited for texture data that can be provided upon request, such as procedural textures or layered composites. Well suited for texture data that takes time to create, such as light maps or large, detailed artist-created textures.

And the:

The benefits of nanites

  • Multiple orders of magnitude increase in geometric complexity, and there are more triangles and objects than was previously possible in real time
  • Frame budgets are no longer constrained by multithreading, pull calls, and cache usage
  • It is now possible to directly import film-quality source arts, such as ZBrush sculptures and photogrammetry
  • Use high poly detail instead of roasting detail in plain map textures
  • Level of Detail (LOD) is handled automatically and no longer requires manual setting of individual network LODs
  • Loss of quality is rare or non-existent, especially with LOD transitions

Which is enhanced by DirectStorage:

The new DirectStorage API changes things by shifting the decompression load from the CPU to the GPU. This speeds up the process as the files actually need to be rendered by the GPU once they’re decompressed, so they’re in the right place when that happens.

And the:

In the case of Forspoken, which is the first title to announce support for the next generation Storage API, there is up to a 70% performance improvement in certain scenarios.


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