Diablo Immortal will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium – Gaming – News

The main problem is that there will be no single solution internationally. Even if you are going to implement a European system, you as a developer have more than 10 of these types of systems.

Meanwhile, the mobile game market is full of simple games that are full of lags/power levels that are not accessible to F2P players etc. Revenues.

And all these settings work against this rotation, so I understand very well that they do not want to put too much effort into it. Globally, the Benelux aren’t very interesting at all, so I think unless we put a lot of effort into it, a lot of situations like this will emerge, which we won’t be able to get into.

As a parent, I think this is fine. The generation that grew up with smartphones as kids is used to paying to win games, which is exactly what they had in mind.

But if consumers have to jump through a number of extra hoops again, I also think it’s totally undesirable. Cookie notification is also becoming more and more common to be used against people, by making it as complex and annoying as possible, while the Accept All button is placed as attractively as possible. Things like this are likely to be implemented as ugly as possible by the developers at any point in time so that support for it among players is as low as possible from the start.

Personally, I’m more and more “agree” with these kinds of bans. There are a lot of games in the market, let’s get rid of the bad guess apples.

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