Diablo Immortal launches June 2 for Android, iOS and as a PC beta – Games – News

I will express positive hope here amidst all the negativity.

First of all it is good to know that these types of games are excellent for mobile devices, and with many still looking at “mobile games” very negatively, with the exception of sudoku maybe once, this has been in my opinion for so long it is not a good time .

Aside from the fact that mobile games are very popular in Asia, for example, I also see the popularity growing here in the Netherlands.
Yes, there are many gacha games where you have to spend hundreds or even thousands to keep up, but there are also plenty of games where this is not necessary at all (eg because they focus on cosmetics to make money), or where a piece is of mental.

I think this game will fall under the latter. Sure there will be cosmetics, but I also think there will be all kinds of boosters and other things that they’re trying to motivate people to push.
However, if you have played Diablo before, you will know that the game is all about hack and slash. Just because your progression is slower than the person who’s pushing doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun, because if you don’t like doing 3 runs too many times before you can continue, you shouldn’t be playing Diablo.

Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of in-game purchases, I’m definitely out of the game buying era and that’s it. Even DLCs and expansions came later. But I think this game can be really good on your phone. I think rejection due to microtransactions is very premature.

Anyway, I’m curious about it, and I honestly think this has a good chance of becoming a very good mobile game, which isn’t the way mobile games have been.

Note for people who hate touch, take a look at the controllers. Personally, I own a Nacon MG-X Pro, one of the best controllers for phones (Xbox build, high quality with triggers), and use it with the Fold 3, which is also a great combination for an emulator.

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