Developers can access “hundreds of megabytes of additional RAM” on Xbox Series S – games – news

Microsoft will make more Xbox Series S memory available to developers. This should give developers better performance. It’s “hundreds of megabytes” on the system with 10GB of RAM.

The Xbox Series S has 10GB of RAM, while the Xbox Series X has 16GB of RAM. Of this, 2 GB is allocated to the operating system, with 8 and 14 GB of RAM respectively left for games on the systems. Now, with June 2022-gdkdevelopers get a few hundred extra megabytes.

The Xbox Series S is capable of producing a resolution of 1440p at up to 120 frames per second. However, many games do not succeed in practice, and the performance gap between Series S and Series X is often large. the edge I got also Video from Digital Foundry Over the water DF editors describe the S-series’ relatively small memory as the console’s biggest performance constraint, larger than the CPU and CPU. The CPU of the two types is also the same.

In addition to more available working memory, there are more performance improvements. The Customize the title of the default graphics It turned out to be much slower than allocating addresses for non-graphical applications. This should be fixed as of the new gdk, on both console variables. When these improvements actually translate to higher framerates on the consoles in question, it has yet to be seen.

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