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Developer Sebastian Staacks has created a working video capture card specifically for the Game Boy. It allows the user to record gameplay footage on the old mobile device or stream it to their computer, without the need for an emulator.

Stacks He writes in a blog post How exactly does the GB Interceptor work? It’s an adapter that a user can plug into an unmodified Game Boy to record video from a game and stream it to a computer via USB. The developer confirms that the GB interceptor will not work on Game Boys that have an HDMI port or on Game Boy versions that use emulators.

The GB Interceptor plugs into the cartridge port of the handheld device. Then the user plugs the desired game cartridge into the Interceptor itself. So the user can play the game on the original hardware of the Game Boy, while the GB Interceptor’s USB cable can be connected to a computer for video recording or broadcasting.

When the adapter is connected, the PC must recognize it as a webcam so that the video can be saved. GB Interceptor currently seems to work best with Linux, Staacks points out. With Windows and Android, video apps have trouble formatting streams and with macOS, videos can’t be recorded at all.

GB interceptors
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