Desktop Best Buying Guide – September 2022

Desktop Best Buying Guide - September 2022

This September desktop best buy guide is different from what you’re used to; This is the first release of BBG’s “New Style”. As some may already be I’ve readFrom now on we will acquire, compile and test the systems we have compiled with the community. This will allow us to provide better advice, as component incompatibilities, lack of space for components or other issues you may encounter will be revealed. Additionally, building configurations allows us to actually test systems. This gives you an impression of the performance you can expect from the proposed computers.

To start this new BBG way of doing, we have put together two game systems. For mainstream games, on a full HD screen, we’ve put together a system over 800 euros. If you want higher frame rates or play on a HD or 1440p screen, our 1440p system with the same name might be for you. We rounded up this most luxurious system for just over €1,200. We built and measured both systems, with a primary focus on game performance. We also measured computing power, power consumption, and noise production.

As usual, the DBBG systems were put together in consultation with the Tweakers community. In the Gathering of Tweakers thread, everyone can give their opinion on the perfect system. A few weeks before publication, the BBG team is putting forward proposals for systems in Integrated Systems and Laptops Forum. All forum visitors can then give their opinion and discuss the changes. Then we bring the components, build the systems, and run the standards on them.

Prices of the various components are retrieved from Pricewatch in real time and are therefore subject to change. Prices are specified in the tables at the time of publication. All prices include value added tax.

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