Dermatologist is shocked: ‘One of the most heart-breaking’

Dermatologist is shocked: 'One of the most heart-breaking'

Taher is 38 years old and has been suffering from severe inflammation all over his body for more than 15 years. According to him, the “pimples” on his back keep coming and going. He’s been to a GP and a dermatologist before, but to no avail so far. The back of his head, back and lower body are completely covered with new scars and infections and he suffers from a lot of problems on a daily basis. “Then you get a flick on the shoulder of someone asking about your condition, and then one pops up. Then you pretend nothing is wrong, but you feel the pain and the pus comes out,” he explained.

According to dermatologist Mino, Taher suffers from a special form of acne that occurs mainly on the folds of the body, but also on the back of the head and back. When he passes his hands over Tahir’s back and back, he is stunned. “Scar tissue is as hard as bone,” he notes. When Tahir says he hasn’t been able to walk for four days due to infections, Mino agrees that the skin condition can have an unwise impact on your life. “You can’t get dressed, you can’t sit, you can’t lie down, you can’t sleep and you can’t work. People leave with piles of sanitary pads to collect pus in the groin or armpit or put several layers of clothing on top of each other so the pus doesn’t seep through.” I must tell you frankly, this is one of the most heart wrenching cases that we know not only as a physician, but also as a human being.”

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Dr. Mino Taher prescribes a special medicine. “It’s an old medicine for leprosy. Your condition has nothing to do with that, but if you look at the cells in your immune system that are needed to kill and kill leprosy, they look the same. It’s not a panacea, but the inflammation will decrease.” For Taher, this possibility is sufficient. He then noticed that the inflammation had already decreased somewhat, but he would have to wait months to see real results.

Hani also struggles with infections in her body, but it looks very different from Taher. She has large circular circles on her legs that are very itchy. When Dr. Emilia asks if she is ashamed of this, she replies in the affirmative. “I’m afraid to show my legs to my husband, then you will be ashamed.” Emilia has good news for Honey, because she can make the spots less noticeable with cortisone injections. “Oh cool, I’m so happy,” Hani replies to the news. Unfortunately, the injections are very painful. Very painful, in fact, Emilia decided to put anesthetic cream. Even then, Hani screamed and decided to inject the anesthetic with a syringe, after which things go much better. According to Hani, after a few weeks, you can already see the difference and the spots are no longer itchy. “I’m especially happy about that,” she says.

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