Departing couple still doesn’t have a pass: ‘I hope it works out’

Departing couple still doesn't have a pass: 'I hope it works out'

Wijnand and Nienke Lemmers have a dream: an eco-holiday park in Spain. And so the couple leaves with their two children to the land of paella and sun. There’s a small problem: the family doesn’t have a building permit. But they don’t understand that either. To date, the couple remains in Spain without a permit.

They have again applied for a permit. “We are quietly hoping that it will now work out and that we can start the holiday park this winter,” Interlocking fingers!’ The couple reports now On the AvroTros website.

The couple does not sit still. They’re busy with their vegetable garden, and this summer they took an electric red trip through Europe. The couple took a whole bunch of animals with them to Spain. “All our animal friends are doing well.”

Since Wijnand and Nienke cannot work at their holiday park, they are now enjoying the peace and quiet. “We know that if we get the permit, we will work hard again. But we will do it with a touch of the Spanish mentality: Mañana mañana.

The family looks positively to the future. “Within five years, we hope to become an active holiday destination where our guests can have a great time.”

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