Dennis Spent Nearly 8000 Euros On His Cat’s Surgery: ‘After Two Weeks I Let Her Sleep’ | Money Labers

Dennis Spent Nearly 8000 Euros On His Cat's Surgery: 'After Two Weeks I Let Her Sleep' |  Money Labers

Money LabersEveryone makes a mistake with sometimes small or big financial consequences. In this series people talk about money laundering. This week, Dennis Lance, 31, spent nearly €8,000 on surgery for his cat, which died two weeks later.

When did you play this?
“Early 2020. My cat, Qara, who is 5 years old, was ill and quickly turned out to be serious.”

How did you find out it was wrong?
“She didn’t want to eat anymore and was hiding. So I took her to the vet. An ultrasound scan showed that the kidney stones had lodged in the ureter, which is the tube leading to the bladder. As a result, she was no longer able to eliminate fluid from her kidneys and her kidneys started to Bloating, causing acute kidney failure. She was in severe pain.”

What did the vet advise?
“I was advised to take her immediately to the University Animal Hospital in Utrecht. I did not have transportation, so we traveled with my brother to Utrecht with Cora. ​​At 10 pm I drove her there. They repeated the tests already done by the vet and suggested surgery on her kidneys.”

How much did it cost you?
3,000 euros for the procedure and 300 euros for recurring costs per month. After the first six months, it will be 300 euros every three months, to repeat the appointment to check and clean the system.”

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This is a huge amount of money!
“Yeah, and it wasn’t the first time she got something. She got pneumonia once, couldn’t walk for a while and had severe back problems. With Korra there was always anything and everything.”

Yet did you go for it?
When I took her from the shelter she was six months old. I didn’t know it would be a kitten problem, I loved it so much. Before that I had just moved to Brabant, I didn’t know anyone there. Because of that, she meant so much to me and I wanted to get as far away as possible to save her. Until I reached the financial limit.”


In consultation with the vet I put her to sleep. She died in my arms, and that was so much calmer for her

And where was this limit?
During the process, they kept me well informed and always asked me first if I agreed with the amount. The operation was successful, then she stayed in intensive care for 3 days, after which she received aftercare. When after a week and a half she was still unable to eat independently – she was tube-fed – I took her home in the hope that her familiar environment would have a positive effect. But after a day at home, I had already gone to the vet; The place where the feeding tube passed was inflamed.

I’ve already lost almost 8000 euros, and I couldn’t take any more. In consultation with the vet I put her to sleep. She died in my arms, and that was calmer for her.”

How do you look back at that?

“I wish she was with me for another ten years. I’m glad I had the financial means to try to save her, but later I realized I was trying more for myself than I’m trying for her. I was so sad but now I have Suusje, also a cat from the shelter. I’ll have her Insured, because Cora makes me know how expensive a pet can be.”

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