Denise Scutin’s ex-girlfriend would demolish Denise for young girls

Ex-vriendin van Dennis Schouten gaat Dennis slopen vanwege jonge meisjes

Yesterday we caught up with Natasja Dragic, Dennis Scott’s former talk show host. Natasja made a video in which she wants to warn young girls about older men and in this video She shared her experience with Denise. The ‘entire affair of the week’ wasn’t fun for her, as she called Dennis her toxic and mean boyfriend.

The jokes in Gossip Talk that Dennis likes to go to “Sweet Sixteen” parties and he’s 17 are almost 18 anyway, don’t seem like a joke and are based on fact. At least that’s what the same Natasja says in a new video. She has received a letter from several girls under the age of 18 who are looking for a party who dares to tell these stories.

or Your mouth, Louise He was recruited as a presenter for Shownieuws to do a one-off episode about Dennis Schouten’s young unrecognizable preference at the time of writing. It is also not yet known if BOOS’ Tim Hoffman will be included in the story. Before you call Dennis a Pedo, from the age of 16 in the Netherlands they can decide for themselves who to dive into the proverbial bag. However, such a large age difference can be called questionable, to say the least. Anyway, Natasja created the hashtag #canceldennis. During.

Ex Dennis Scotten warns of men who like girls who are too young

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