“Delivery of mini-LED panels increased by 121 percent in 2022” – Computer – News

Shipments of miniature LED panels have increased dramatically in the past year, according to Display Supply Chain consultants based on their data and research. According to the display industry analyst firm, there was a 121 percent increase in 2022.

DSCC Reports That a total of 21.6 million LED mini boards were delivered in 2022, while in 2021 it was still stuck at 9.8 million units. Analysts believe that the number of panels supplied will continue to grow and will reach 24.5 million units in 2023 and then grow sharply again in 2024 to the number of deliveries of 30.2 million LED mini panels. There will be no more significant growth after that.

While tablets, TVs and laptops were the top three product groups for miniLED panel deliveries in 2021, laptops are now the most important product group for increasing miniLED panel shipments. DSCC expects monitors and televisions in particular by 2026 to have a larger share. The use of OLED panels seems to be the main reason for the disappearance of miniature LED panels in tablets from 2025.

With a small LED backlight, just like with the traditional one Local full range dimmingThe backlight uses LEDs that are distributed behind the screen and can be dimmed in areas to improve contrast. Mini LED backlighting uses much smaller LEDs as well as many LEDs, which can therefore be dimmed in more individual areas. In addition, a higher peak brightness can be achieved compared to a normal backlight.

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