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The sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars will release on September 27th for consoles and PC. The game was created by Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive and is the successor to Deliver Us The Moon. This game appeared in the year 2020.

We gave up on Mars It is called a cinematic sci-fi adventure by its creators. The game revolves around Kathy Johansson, who is on the red planet on a “desperate mission”. The land is rapidly deteriorating, and the colonization ships needed to escape have been stolen by a mysterious organization. It is up to the player to retrieve it.

The game contains platform and puzzle elements. It occurs in sandy Martian landscapes, icy valleys, inside a huge colonizing ship and in abandoned colonies. There are also parts that occur on Earth and the Moon. According to the film’s makers, the story is packed with “action, personal drama, and unsettling mystery”.

The game will be released for current and previous generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Ray tracing is implemented on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. The PC version will appear on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game costs €30 on all platforms.

British Frontier Foundry, a Frontier Developments company, releases the game. The game was developed by a Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive† Launched his first game in 2020: We gave up on the moon, which Tweakers wrote a review about. The new game is a successor to that game.

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