Dead and missing after heavy rains in Spain

Dead and missing after heavy rains in Spain
Floods in Madrid after heavy rains over the weekend

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Heavy rains caused serious damage and disrupted transportation in various places in Spain. Large amounts of water fell this weekend, causing flooding and a code red issue in several areas.

A man died inside his car in the Toledo region in central Spain. Spanish newspaper El Pais He writes that emergency services were on their way to help him. Two other people are missing. The car they were traveling in fell into a river in Aldeo del Fresno this morning. This city, located in the Madrid region, is one of the most affected areas.

According to El Pais newspaper, the fire brigade responded 726 times in the Madrid region alone. This mainly involved rescuing people in homes and vehicles and helping cars stuck on the roads.

Floods in Spain: “It came like a waterfall”

The mayor of Buenacci de Alarcón, a town between Madrid and Valencia, told the same newspaper that her municipality was now a “disaster area.” She added that in just 45 minutes, the storm caused massive damage to homes and businesses, among other things. Crops were also destroyed and electricity and water supplies were damaged.

Code Red was issued yesterday in the regions of Madrid, Toledo and Cádiz due to extremely dangerous weather. There was less heavy rain last night. Today, code yellow is still in place in five regions, and code red has been withdrawn everywhere.


In Alcanar, between Barcelona and Valencia, 215 liters of rain per square meter fell in 24 hours this weekend. The city’s streets and alleys were flooded with water. Tens of thousands of residents have been asked and advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

Earlier this summer, the weather also caused problems in Spain. Due to the extreme heat, code red has been enforced in several places.

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