February 6, 2023

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De Warmste Week raised €5,081,675 to fight deprivation

De Warmste Week raised €5,081,675 to fight deprivation

De Warmste Week, VRT’s annual solidarity action, raised €5,081,675 million. This was announced during the closing show on One and radio stations MNM and Studio Brussels. Thus, the revenue for De Warmste Week, which this year focused on disadvantaged people, is significantly higher than last year’s €3.2m.

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Hundreds of panels were ordered for six days, sports fans tapped their hearts out at Warmathons, and Niels De Stadsbader and Oscar, Wolf and Pommelien, among others, used their votes to feed the money pot. And it paid off: all these efforts resulted in no less than 5,081,675 euros for the DWW Fund, which this year supports 270 projects related to deprivation.

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At 5 p.m., the closing show began with Siska Schoeters and “say my name” Van Berry, with Kate Adjaye (23). She ended up in poverty at the age of seventeen when she was completely alone. Meanwhile, hosts Finn Jermyns, Eva de Roo, and Sander Gillies have looked back on the past week, just like Kawthar Halalouche. She left The Warmest House earlier after the death of a family member. But she returned anyway on the last day of the event. “I am happy to be back on the last day,” Kawthar said earlier in the morning. “And I think I’ve grown a little more than my mates here in Hasselt.”

Eventually Kate Adjaye was allowed to announce the amount. €314,698 of this comes from Warmathons that have been run in Bruges, Sint-Niklaas, Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven. In addition to Ambassadors Stephanie Planckart, Dieter Coppens, actor Matthias Vergils, Crown Princesses Elisabeth and Prince Emmanuel walked a few rounds. In total, more than 3,000 campaigns took place in De Warmste week, 102,000 people visited the Het Warmste Huis and more than 10,000 paintings were ordered.

Just like last year, it was decided to focus on one topical topic. The King Baudouin Foundation, permanent partner of De Warmste Week, has set up an independent jury that has selected 270 projects, each of which will now receive a share of the funds raised. From now on, we can count down to the next release, which will land in Bruges in December 2023.

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