Davos wants to tackle the climate crisis, but participants often come by private jet

Davos wants to tackle the climate crisis, but participants often come by private jet

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As of today, they again stand next to each other at the airports around Davos: hundreds of private jets. The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) takes place this week in the Swiss mountain village. While the organization supports the climate goals of the Paris Agreements, many visitors arrive by private jets.

Few meetings lead to many divisiveness and even conspiracy theories. Also this year, the gathering of politicians and dignitaries will undoubtedly be framed by actions and demonstrations.

More than 2,000 heads of government, businessmen and international representatives gather there. This year’s theme is Collaboration in a Fragmented World.

Participants discuss various topics and global issues in lectures, public discussions, private sessions, and one-to-one conversations.

France Press agency

Davos 2022: European Commission President von der Leyen with Mayor of Kyiv Klitsiko

The World Economic Forum has set itself the goal of addressing ongoing crises, including the climate crisis. On its website, it called for “far-reaching collective action” against it. The event will take place in seven years Be completely climate neutral.

But many visitors come to Davos by plane, just as in previous years. Greenpeace and CE Delft recently investigated the emissions of all the private jets that flew to Davos last year for the World Economic Forum. In total, according to the organizations, there were 1,040 flights.

According to the study, all those trips together emit 9,700 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to the weekly emissions of 350,000 cars. Davos has a train station and from Holland you can reach the mountain village in 10-12 hours via Paris or Basel.

On behalf of the Netherlands, Prime Minister Rutte will travel to Davos this week, with six ministers on his heels, including Ministers Kaag (Finance) and Hoekstra (Foreign Affairs). Claes Nott, President of De Nederlandsche Bank, and directors of ING, ABN Amro, Philips, Heineken, DSM and Rabobank, among others.

In total, dozens of heads of government and heads of state will participate in this edition every year. The leaders of Germany and Poland, as well as the prime ministers of Spain and Finland, are participating in the conference.

In addition to President Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission is present with ten European Commissioners. US President Joe Biden will not come. He is represented by two ministers.

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