May 29, 2023

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Daughter of Alexander Dugin, mastermind of the invasion of Ukraine, was killed in an attack |  Abroad

Daughter of Alexander Dugin, mastermind of the invasion of Ukraine, was killed in an attack | Abroad

The car that was driving 29-year-old Daria Dugina exploded on a highway near Moscow. She was returning from a folklore festival she attended with her father. The car is owned by Alexander Dugin, a close family member of the state news agency tast. It was her father’s car. I rode it today, while Alexander came back in a different way. It was targeted or both.”

And although her death has not yet been officially confirmed, her father was seen at the scene with his hands flailing over his face shortly after the suspected attack, according to photos on Twitter.

Separatist leader Denis Pushlin of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine says “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime” were involved in the incident. The official Russian news agency reported that the father, according to him, was their target RIA Novosti.

Alexander Dugin is a well-known figure in the Kremlin. The Russian philosopher and nationalist is considered the mastermind of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His nickname is Rasputin due to his influence on President Putin.

According to news blog Visegrad 24, Dugin raised his daughter in his image to be a “mystical neo-fascist” and the woman was not going to rebel against her father’s hateful ideology. On the contrary, she was said to have called Ukrainians “non-humans” in recent months and said that Ukraine should be invaded. She is also said to have recently traveled to the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol, which has been besieged by the Russians for months, to take “victory selfies”.

Investigations are still underway into the circumstances of the explosion.

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