Dassen has a ‘United States of Europe’

Dassen has a 'United States of Europe'

In the new manifesto, Wold advocates major structural changes, a radically different vision of humanity and a ‘United Nations of Europe’. How does the party view this? List leader Laurens Dassen says it in Op1.

“The Netherlands can continue to exist, just as the provinces in the Netherlands still exist,” Laurence Dassen says of his plans for a United Nations of Europe. He wants cooperation to be organized differently at the European level.

“In Europe you cannot make quick decisions. There are two examples where it worked: the invasion of Ukraine and the corona virus. But beyond that you often see that the rationale is based on national interests. Then all 27 member states have to agree with each other. In this very challenging world, you have Europe Organize in a different way.

Power to Europe

Dassen’s plans mean more power will flow from The Hague to Europe, and less self-determination. “So we want Europe to become more democratic. Then we vote together for a European Parliament. From that Parliament a European government is then formed that can take decisive and efficient decisions.

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Check out the full conversation with Laurens Dassen here.

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