February 7, 2023

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Danny de Monk makes an offensive statement in adultery interview |  stars

Danny de Monk makes an offensive statement in adultery interview | stars

It’s a part where the actor says, “I’ve thought with my penis and not with my head, but I’m a man.” In the statement, de Monck says, “Then, the sliver is cut. Because the entire interview was not broadcast, my interpretation is missing, which is: that I take my responsibility for this ‘as a man’ and that I don’t want to come up with excuses like ‘demons in my head’.” As a result, perhaps The viewer misunderstood it. That’s why I felt the need to explain it.”

In a previous post by Danny de Munk announcing his interview, there were already critical reactions to the statement. For example, someone commented that this comment “doesn’t do much good”. Another wondered why he said it: “Why do you speak this ‘right’ because you are a man?”

Waylon recently used the phrase “devils in my head” in an Instagram post in which he lamented his cheating during the time his girlfriend Bibi Bregman was pregnant. “Now I can’t say anything that will make it easier for Bibi. All I can say for myself is to ask for help for the demons in my head.”

Video: In an interview on RTL Boulevard, singer Danny de Monck tells his story. The text continues below the video.

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