Dan Schurmans was “miserable” when he met Pracha

Dan Schurmans was "miserable" when he met Pracha

Dan and Pracha have known each other for sixteen years when they were together in the play closer game. Dan reveals that his life was a mess during the time he met Pracha. “I was tired of it. I quickly became a teenage idol and felt that fame didn’t quite match the quality of the work I did.” In addition, the actor will lead an “unhealthy” life and the death of his father has upset him a lot. “Somehow I was still angry because I lost my father at such a young age.” He died at the age of 56 years. Dan was 25 years old at the time.

So his loving meeting with Bracha came just in time. “You came there, very loving, but also very wise. I didn’t feel the age difference. You taught me practical things, but I also learned a lot from you on a spiritual level.” Dan doesn’t call his wife an “old soul” for nothing. According to the actor, she had many lives. “You are at least three or four hundred years old.”

Dan asserts that he learned a lot from Bracha, but the actress believes that’s quite the opposite. “You can point me in the right direction without judging me.” Dan also knows how to inspire her to find balance in her busy family and work life. “We both strive for perfection, we want to give love and attention to everything, but you’d better stop in time and take a break. You showed me that. I tend to overwork myself and then go wrong.”

The two lovers are now proud parents of three children: Sophia (9), Kis (7) and Boris (7).

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