Cyberpunk 2077 gets an improved mini-map and cosmetically downloadable content via 1.3 update – Games – News

CD Projekt Red revealed more about the upcoming 1.3 update for Cyberpunk 2077, including the game’s first DLC in the form of free cosmetic content. In addition, adjustments will be made to the gameplay, such as an improved mini-map.

One of the main changes is that the mini map zooms in and out better while driving, so It can be read in the patch notes. As you drive, the mini map should now be more compact, making it easier to navigate. In addition, there will be a button in the skill tree for Privilege Points for redistribution. number of slots for Autosave in a quick digs To twenty and ten, respectively.

After installing the update, enemies will notice the player at a slower or faster speed, depending on the selected difficulty level. Enemies in Easy and Normal mode will notice the player at a lower speed, while enemies in Hard mode will notice the player more quickly. On this last difficulty, enemies will also be more aggressive when searching for the player.

CD Projekt Red also offers additional game content in the form of free DLC for the first time. Includes two layers, a vehicle and an alternate look for Johnny Silverhand. These add-ons become available after the player reaches certain points in the story. The developer plans to release more of this type of DLC in the future.

DLC has been promised to gamers for some time, but the developer says that improvements in broadcast and memory management have now been made making such DLC possible. The release date of update 1.3 has not been announced.

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