Customs at New York Airport finds live cat in suitcase | Abroad

Customs at New York Airport finds live cat in suitcase |  Abroad

Customs officials at New York’s JFK Airport recently made a remarkable discovery. As the baggage passes through the X-ray scanner, they see the outline of a life-size cat on the screen. There was a live cat in one of the bags.

The baggage holder had checked in on November 16 for a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to Orlando, Florida. The red cat was stuck in it for hours, on top of the clothes, at the risk of being taken on the plane, as there was a good chance it wouldn’t survive the flight. Fortunately, it was discovered in time. Some red hairs sprouted from among the clouds.

A spokesperson for TSA, the US government agency responsible for transportation security, told the news channel that the employees who opened the bag were “shocked.” CNN. “It is very rare to find a live animal in a checked bag.”

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The traveler said it was not his cat, but someone who was staying with him. He stated that the animal may have crept up the trunk without anyone noticing. The 37-year-old mistress of the cat told the newspaper New York Post She didn’t notice her cat was gone.

“Our cats love to rummage through bags and boxes. Looks like someone got into that box. It was an accident.”

Since then, the cat, named Smells, has been reunited with his mistress. ,, I was afraid that he would be completely upset, but on the way back he didn’t even meow. He acted as if nothing had happened.”

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