Cuban activist under house arrest appears in Spain

Cuban activist under house arrest appears in Spain

Cuban activist and dissident leader Junior García Aguilera left unexpectedly for Spain. The critical playwright has arrived in Madrid with his wife, reports Facebook social networking site.

Garcia, 39, was placed under house arrest in Cuba on Sunday when it was known that he and his anti-socialist Archipelago movement. (Kingdom of the island) has announced a protest march. It is not known how he was able to leave the country. He entered the country on a tourist visa.

The Lago Archipelago’s social media pages previously reported that the couple went missing. Garcia says on his Facebook page now that he and his wife are in good health. “We arrived in Spain alive and well, with unchanged thoughts. We have to thank the many people who made this trip possible.”

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told the Associated Press news agency that Garcia and his wife left for Spain with their consent and that Cuba and Spain had not made an agreement.

peaceful protest

García was one of the organizers of peaceful protest rallies against the communist regime in Cuba. According to the authorities, these rallies are illegal and the homes of several organizers were cordoned off this weekend. Some said the police would arrest them if they went out.

In response, Garcia announced that he would march in protest alone. Government supporters prevented him from doing so on Sunday and did not allow him to leave his home.

Cuba accuses the United States of being behind the protests to destabilize the country. Garcia has long denied that his movement was funded by foreign countries.

Cuba is in crisis

Last summer there was Mass protests in Cuba. They were the first major protests since the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

Cuba has been in deep crisis for a long time. Last year, the economy shrank by 11 percent. There is hardly any food, store shelves are still empty, there are hardly any medicines, and deaths from the coronavirus are high. Because of the Corona pandemic, there have been no tourists for months, so the money is not flowing.

The protest rallies announced last Monday were a follow-up to last summer’s protests. “Over the past year, and especially after July 11, I’ve realized I’ve had to do more than just make my voice heard in the theater,” Garcia stated on Sunday. de Volkskrant. The newspaper interviewed him while he was under house arrest.

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