Crowded at Belgian gas stations due to low prices but not everywhere | car

Crowded at Belgian gas stations due to low prices but not everywhere |  car

UpdateA large influx of Dutch “tank tourists” to the Belgian filling stations in the border area in search of cheaper fuel. That was the expectation, now that Belgium lowered taxes on petrol and diesel on Saturday. However, it appears to be working. It’s more crowded at some gas stations, but others reported that there weren’t as many visitors as usual.

As of Saturday, the Belgian pump price has been reduced by 17.5 cents per liter of diesel or petrol. With this, the Belgian government wants to try to reduce the high fuel costs of the Belgians. In the Netherlands, the excise tax on petrol and diesel will be reduced only on April 1, by 17 cents and 11 cents, respectively. So it was expected that many gas stations in the border area would be very busy with the Dutch.

jerry cans

The De Children gas station in Raffles, near Tilburg, where the majority of customers usually come from the Netherlands, is already seeing a larger than usual crowd. The gas station also expects to remain so in the coming period, until the excise duty is reduced in the Netherlands. The Grenspoal gas station in Kinrooi, near Weert, also speaks of “large crowds”.

“Now the price difference is really huge,” said the manager, who responded to the increase by buying additional fuel, among other things. It is expected to remain busy in the coming weeks. What we’re testing today equals our discount day on the last Sunday of the month. I feel like people have been waiting, too; The Dutch knew it.” The gas station also received several calls in the lead-up to Saturday about tax cuts.

Many Dutch can also be found at the Omans gas station in Hammont, just across the border under Eindhoven. He. She Driving back and forth on tight terrain on Saturday† The gas station operator also works as a traffic controller, honking occasionally to prevent a close collision. Moreover, many Dutch tank guests not only fill up the car, but also have jerry cans with them to take extra gasoline with them.

Lots of truck drivers

Bruynseels Petroleum, in Stabroek near Kalmthoutse Heide, says when asked that it’s not busier than usual and that the majority of customers are at all Dutch. The gas station expects Belgian motorists who need diesel to refuel again, because diesel is now cheaper in Belgium. According to the gas station, this has been the opposite trend for years.

According to Iwot Klok, president of the Dutch Association of Tank Stations, the crowds are not so bad because the fuel price differential between Belgium and the Netherlands has been around for some time. “This will be a little bit bigger temporarily,” Kluck says, emphasizing that “you’re not going to be refueling for fun.” However, BETA noted last week that many truck drivers are filling up across the border. According to Kluck, Dutch carriers are allowed to reclaim Belgian tax fees. “This makes a huge difference.”

However, it remains to be seen to what extent remittances are always beneficial to individuals. Eindhoven’s Dagblad reporter Rod Ritzen, who Put the test to the test, calculating: If he includes the gasoline costs for his trip – 70 kilometers – his full tank is 11 euros cheaper in the end. But it took another two hours.

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