Criticism of a tax rule that makes oat milk more expensive, but not regular milk

Criticism of a tax rule that makes oat milk more expensive, but not regular milk

From next year, the tax on soft drinks (consumption tax) will be increased from 17.30 to 26.13 euros per 100 liters. The government will do it, writes Foreign Minister Van Oijen Parliamentary questionsEspecially to fill the state treasury. “The primary purpose of this increase is to increase tax revenue.”

Why this tax?

Since 1993, we have known this excise tax in our country, which is charged on non-alcoholic drinks. There are three categories: fruit and vegetable juice, mineral water and lemonade. Milk is excluded from this tax because this drink is a basic necessity in life. And to promote healthy behavior, consumption tax will not be imposed on mineral water from next year.

But this does not apply to vegan alternatives to milk, such as oat milk and coconut milk. Even if no sugars are added to the product. A “lemonade tax” simply applies to those products, Van Ooijen says, and these drinks will soon become much more expensive.

Lemon juice name

Why does Van Ooijen see plant-based milk as lemonade? “Our nutrition policy is based on the Five Wheel of Nutrition Center,” he writes. “The health effects of plant-based dairy alternatives have not been adequately investigated yet.”

This is strange, according to the criticisms that have been heard since the decision. According to the Animal Party, milk is no healthier than plant-based milk drinks and rice drinks. So is it any wonder that oat milk is subject to the lemonade tax and not cow’s milk? So the party submitted parliamentary questions.

Marianne Thieme, the founder of that party, even called the decision “insane”. However, the government does not yet intend to reverse this decision.

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