Core guitarist Steve Mackie, 56, dies | Displays

Core guitarist Steve Mackie, 56, dies |  Displays

Core guitarist Steve Mackie has passed away. The musician turned 56 years old. McKee’s family reported the news on social media on Thursday. His wife, Katie, wrote on Instagram that the guitarist had been in the hospital for three months, without saying why.

“We are shocked and devastated to say goodbye to my brilliant and beautiful husband,” Mackey’s wife said. She described him as “the most talented man” she knew and “an exceptional musician, producer, photographer and director”.

Mackey has been part of Pulp, the band about Jarvis Cocker, since 1989. In the 1990s, the band had several successes, mainly in their country, with singles such as Common People, Disco 2000 And Lip Gloss.

In the Netherlands, the group did not score big hits, but records different category And This is hardcore Make an album chart. Accessed since 2015 common people Also regularly on Top 2000 of NPO Radio 2.

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