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It was my first real laptop when a car navigation system like tomtom and co came on the market (at an affordable price)
Unfortunately, I don’t remember the model number/name. It had space for a SIM card (calling and internet… sort of) and had a complete kit with accessories like a docking cradle, cigarette plug charger, and a GPS unit that was nothing more than a small device with a built-in battery that you had to charge using micro USB. (It worked over bluetooth and I still have it)

It was Sony Clie PEG xxxx, what model? No idea. Unfortunately, I no longer have the caddy and PDA.
The navigation software that came with it was buggy, simple lines with dots.
However, he took me wherever I wanted to go.
The disadvantage was that the program itself was unstable. And Benelux only.
The map material was on Sony’s memory card, which also contained the software.

The drawback was when my dad borrowed it when he went on vacation.
I don’t know why he did that to this day, but he used the memory card that was in the Sony clie for his Sony digital camera. And erase everything that was card material on it.

It would have been nice to have everything apart, today’s smartphone was the high tech of the future in 2003/2004 :)

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