Conflict in US temporarily liberated by war: ‘Biden wants to make a profit’

Conflict in US temporarily liberated by war: 'Biden wants to make a profit'

Zhelensky was inspired by his speech, in which he referred to the likes of Martin Luther King and Pearl Harbor. Congressmen climbed on the benches to applaud the president. According to reporter Eric Mauden, the war in Ukraine unites the people from left to right.

“Almost constant hatred is disappearing here,” Mauden said. “Americans see an integral part of their role on the world stage. Democrats and Republicans alike believe that tough action must be taken against President Putin.”

However, not all differences seem to disappear suddenly, Mauden thinks. “There is a consensus on one thing, but that does not mean it’s not leaving the cold sky. Republicans are still working on all sorts of anti – abortion laws.

A different approach than Trump

This is the next challenge for Biden. After the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, its popularity plummeted to an all-time high after the unexpected new corona virus and plans to defeat Congress.

But Biden has received praise, especially from the international community, for his handling of the war in Ukraine. Biden is quiet and not yet eager to fly. He also appears to have played a key role in the sudden unity within NATO.

“It really promised when Biden said he wanted to take a different approach internationally than Trump,” Mouthon said. “More diplomacy, more cooperation. Sometimes the US seems to last, but Biden wants all partners on board first. Hungary is on board too!”

Boris Johnson shows that war can cover up problems in his own country. The prime minister has been under pressure from corruption since, but is now benefiting from his strong relationship with President Zhelensky.

But as for Pitton, it is still invisible, Mouthon sees. Its popularity is still as low as it was before the war. “You will only succeed if Americans feel it in their wallet. Prices have risen eight percent here recently. Americans are focusing on it. They may like Biden’s approach in Ukraine, but they will not vote for it.”

Democrats voted for ambitious plans for social security and climate change, but little was found. Biden’s ‘social contract’ was actually blocked by a senator from his own party. This abrupt integration may give Biden another chance to get one of those plans through parliament.

‘Thanks to Biden, your gas is so expensive’

“I think he’s going to try to take advantage of it, but he’s not going to succeed. He can come up with climate plans, but Republicans want to drill into natural areas to lower oil prices,” Eric Mouth said.

That, in turn, was blocked by Pitan. “Later Republicans say to their supporters: ‘Thanks to Biden, your gas is very expensive. In this regard, it has not changed much.’

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