Concert Taylor Swift donates $13 after fan dies on way home | Displays

Concert Taylor Swift donates $13 after fan dies on way home |  Displays

A 20-year-old American boy was killed by a drunk driver this weekend while returning from a concert by Taylor Swift in Houston, Texas. On the Gofundme page, all of the singer’s fans are now donating exactly $13: the pop star’s lucky number.

Jacob Lewis and his sister returned from the concert in Houston last weekend, where Taylor Swift performed three nights. Due to a car problem, Lewis decided to push the car out of the way, but the drunk driver, who was later identified as 34-year-old Alan Hayes, actually flipped over in the back of their car.

Hayes had already had two drunk driving offenses to his name and fled. According to the police, a citizen of Meltz followed the suspect in a truck, after which he was arrested and charged with leaving an accident.


Louis died instantly, and his sister was slightly injured. His father wrote on Facebook that he was “great” at theater and dance. He will study musical theater next year. Jacob will be remembered as a loving and loyal boy. His last act was to get his sister to safety.

on Gofundme page It has since been donated to pay for the funeral expenses of Louis’s relatives. The original target of $10,000 has now been exceeded.

A drunk driver slammed Lewis' car.
A drunk driver slammed Lewis’ car. © Houston Police/Twitter

Many “Swifties” (Taylor Swift fans) are transferring $13 with the letter ‘Long life’ (after an old song by the singer). The amount matches Swift’s lucky number. She references it regularly in videos and on the 13th of the month. More than $50,000 has already been raised.

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