Companies are on alert for a new corona wave, and no measures yet

Companies are on alert for a new corona wave, and no measures yet

Companies and other organizations are watching what a potential coronavirus wave means for their work. But they don’t consider taking necessary measures yet, according to a NOS tour. RIVM said yesterday the beginning new aura wave to see.

“We are monitoring this, but we are not yet in a high state of readiness,” a NS spokesperson said. “There are protocols in place and we have a crisis organization, we’ve just been through two years of this.” NS sees a slightly higher absenteeism than usual, but can’t say if this is due to a new aura wave. “It could also be due to an earlier phase of corona and this spring’s flu wave.”

The carrier, Areva, also says it doesn’t have to take any action yet. “We’re on alert, all scenarios ready. If necessary, we’ll get them off the shelf again, and they haven’t picked up any dust yet,” a company spokesperson said.

code white

Code white is still valid at the UMCG in Groningen. This is the lowest alarm stage in the hospital. “We’ve seen the number of colleagues infected with corona increase somewhat in the past two weeks,” a spokesperson said. But no measures are needed now.” The white symbol means that there are no special measures for corona in the hospital, such as adhering to a mask or maintaining a distance. The handshake is still not finished at the UMCG.

“We have a step-by-step plan,” the spokesperson said. “After the white icon, it is followed by the light green. For example, staff who come within 1.5 meters of the patient must wear a mask again.” “We’re prepared for what might come. We’re scaling up very hands-on, which could also be per department if there’s a cluster of infection somewhere.”

Supermarkets: No problems with appointments

Nor does the supermarket sector yet see the need to take measures. “I don’t get any indications of problems with the listings,” says a CBL spokesperson. “If necessary, supermarkets are quickly scaling up in terms of procedures. At the moment there does not seem to be any reason to do so.”

A spokesman for Albert Heijn said he still has a team monitoring the situation with Corona and making preparations if necessary.

Croydat: Selling more self-exams

The pharmacy chain Kruidvat says that it is closely monitoring the situation and is definitely noticing a new wave of sales. “We’ve seen a 50 percent increase in self-test sales since last week,” a company spokesperson said. “That’s a big increase, but it’s definitely not yet up to the mark at the beginning of this year. Then we sold at least five times that number every week.”

Insurance company Achmea, which operates partly from home, is not yet seeing any signs of the start of a new wave of corona. “We expect colleagues who are sick or have cold complaints to stay home. We don’t currently see any reason to adjust the policy. Any action scenarios are in place.”

The Cabinet wants this in the sectors of the next Corona wave Let yourself decide more about the measures they are taking to prevent infection.

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