Commission wants to try Trump’s chief of staff for contempt of Parliament

Commission wants to try Trump's chief of staff for contempt of Parliament

Former President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.Reuters photo

The former chief of staff refused to testify before the committee. The seven Democrats and two Republicans on the committee unanimously approved a report to impeach Meadows for refusing to fully cooperate with the investigation. Then the entire House of Representatives must vote on it.

The former chief of staff initially appeared before the Parliamentary Committee, but let his attorney know through his attorney that he no longer intends to do so. The committee chair and deputy complained that Meadows was providing all kinds of relevant information in a new book “which he is now promoting and selling.”

Whatever legacy he thought he was leaving behind in the House, that’s his legacy now,” Committee Chairman Benny Thompson said of the former Republican congressman from North Carolina. His former colleagues now want him prosecuted for not answering questions about a brutal attack on our democracy. This is his legacy.

Certificate of great importance

The parliamentary committee announced Monday that Meadows had written in an email the day before the attack on the Capitol that the National Guard would be on standby to protect pro-Trump protesters. According to the commission, the email was one of the things it wanted to question him about. He is also said to have aided Trump in his efforts to reverse the election results.

Meadows’ testimony is very significant because he was Trump’s top aide at the time, and was with him in the White House when rioters stormed the Capitol. According to the commission, he was bombarded with text messages from people close to Trump during those frantic hours, in order to persuade him to take action.


The committee participated in some of them on Monday. Thus, Trump Jr. He said: He should condemn this… as soon as possible. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.” Meadows reportedly responded, “I do everything I can. I agree.’ Fox News host Laura Ingraham wrote a text message that read, “Mark, the president should tell the people on the Capitol to go home…this hurts us all…it’s destroying his legacy.”

The House can vote on the committee’s recommendation as early as this week. The Department of Justice must then decide whether or not to sue.

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