CNN host Chris Cuomo fired, accused of sexual misconduct | Abroad

CNN host Chris Cuomo fired, accused of sexual misconduct |  Abroad

Chris Cuomo, brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was fired from CNN immediately on Saturday. Earlier this week, the TV channel actually suspended Cuomo because he was more involved in the scandal surrounding his brother Andrew than previously thought.

I mentioned now New York times That Chris Cuomo has also been accused of sexual harassment. The newspaper is based on an accusation from a client of attorney Debra S. Katz, who is also representing the defendants, Chris’ brother Andrew Cuomo. It is unclear whether the allegation against Chris Cuomo will be taken into account in his dismissal. Chris Cuomo told the newspaper through a lawyer that he denies the claim.

Chris Cuomo was one of CNN’s most prominent anchors. He helped his brother Andrew when he was charged with sexual harassment earlier this year and had to resign. It is said that Chris tried to use his contacts in the media to prepare Andrew and his team for the moment when the women came out with their accusations.

CNN has hired an outside law firm to investigate the exact extent of Chris Cuomo’s involvement in the scandal. The investigation is still ongoing, but enough information was revealed on Saturday to make Cuomo’s resignation inevitable.

Chris Cuomo took to Twitter to respond to his resignation. “This is not the way I wanted to say goodbye to CNN. I have already said why and how you helped my brother. While this is disappointing, I am proud of the team on Como Primetime, the most watched program on CNN.”

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