March 25, 2023

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Clip on the Silver Screen: A Delicious Dessert After the Infinitely Best Series |  Watch

Clip on the Silver Screen: A Delicious Dessert After the Infinitely Best Series | Watch

reconsideringCinema movies based on hit TV series are often a bit disappointing (though Benoza And Phrase fine), it’s easy to explain. The cake is already done. You just need to squeeze out a cute plot from a told story. But, as with the ongoing tsunami of romantic comedies, here too: We should probably go there en masse.

Of course we’d love to see the unrivaled Jacob Derwig as everyone’s favorite criminal Marius Milner again. And of course we’d love to see him get in trouble again with the good stuff of tax authorities Hugo Warmund (Barry Atsma). The contrast between these characters has been the driver of a great three seasons anyway clampAnd that kept viewers glued to the tube between 2017 and 2020.


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Godfather, screenwriter and director Frank Kittelar also gives the cast peppery, often witty dialogue on the big screen. It never gets more than a nice meetup. Too bad, because the starting point is nice. Marius and his wife, Kitty (Georgina Verban), have traded Amsterdam’s rugged south for a rustic vineyard in Tuscany. That alone has something funny about it. Milners who genuinely want to improve their lives there…as if someday they will.

They get into a fight – just as Hugo, his girlfriend Sophie and his daughter Sues come to visit – of course – with the daughter of a vineyard who sold the couple his property for next to nothing. She claims ownership of her family fairly aggressively. Better not to, especially if the new owners are a couple of unruly Dutchmen with questionable background. Soon the local mafia is called.

The fact that he refuses to become sexy has something to do with his origin clamp. Ketelaar isn’t content with bluntly throwing out the events from his series finale. So don’t think for a moment that someone’s life is in danger. It’s a bonus for the fans. A delicious dessert in the movie that, once eaten, leads to a predictable conclusion: the cake has already been finished. Ketelaar went for a kind of ‘I’m leaving Meets Gomorrah(Netflix’s hardcore Italian crime series). More Gomorrah He would have loved her better.

Clem with Georgina Verban, Barry Atsma, Jacob Derwig. © September Film

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