Claver urges Rutte to resign in a heated debate: “How far must things go under your responsibility?” | Policy

Claver urges Rutte to resign in a heated debate: "How far must things go under your responsibility?"  |  Policy

Groenlinks leader Jesse Claver berates Mark Rutte for not asking himself if “a job somewhere else” wouldn’t be better for him. In a sometimes tense television debate led by Jeroen Pao, “right” and “left” often overlap each other.

In the left or right debate, Attje Kuiken (PvdA) and Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) cross paths with Edith Schippers and Mark Rutte (VVD). Busy with their gestures and raising their voices, they try to score the four points.

Rutte and Claver immediately got into a bluff on each other about the supplementary case and the report on the parliamentary inquiry into gas extraction, for which Rutte was heavily criticized. They studied each other. Klaver: “What’s wrong with your responsibility, do you think: I’m not the right person to solve it?” Rutte replied: “The difference is that I take responsibility. When things got sour in 2017, I ran away.” In doing so, Rutte referred to the make-up of the cabinet that year.

“Why cancel the interest on the mortgage?”

Rutte accused the “left cloud” of wanting to disproportionately burden wealth. He wanted to find out from Klaver why he would abolish interest on a mortgage and tax profits on “very ordinary people”.

Claver noted that he did not want to take that money from ordinary people, but from the rich: “The members of your business club have over a million in the bank. When it comes to all these ordinary people: they get better.”

Nitrogen emissions, which must be halved by 2030, have led to serious collisions. Schippers, a member of the VVD, called it “a grumbling about those years”. I thought it was important to reach the farmers and start working with them tomorrow.

The four debaters before the discussion.
The four debaters before the discussion. © ANP

According to Newsur, most of the King’s Commissioners (eight out of twelve) are of the opinion that the nitrogen targets will not be met in 2030. They believe that the government is too slow and that the result will lead to further division and delay.

Rutte said he believes 2030 must come true. The remix rightly said: measure two moments. Maybe we can speed up. “The licensing has completely stopped. The VVD is to blame.”

Rutte and Klaver then continued to blame each other for the nitrogen crisis. Rutte noted that the “nitrogen thing” must be controlled. “But if your party forbids you to build outside the city, you have to be honest about that, too.”

Angry reactions

The left or right debate led to an angry reaction from PVV and SP on Sunday night. Political leader Lillian Marinessen conducted her own debate online at the same time as BNN/VARA. Party leader Wilders announced that he would not watch the “play” with Cloud Left. Wilders: They’ll be working together after Wednesday, so don’t get ripped off and vote for them all. ”

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