Civilization VI gets the title of Commander with twelve new Commanders Games News

Firaxis has announced the Leader Pass for Civilization VI. The Pass consists of six DLC packs with a total of eighteen new Commander selections, twelve of which are new Commanders. The first package will be released on November 21, and the last in March 2023.

Packs only contain leaders of existing civilizations; So the dlc does not add any new civilizations. Of the eighteen captains selected, six are replacements of the current captains. For example, the third package contains an alternate version of Qin Shi Huang, one of the leaders of Chinese civilization.

Each pack consists of three leaders. These commanders add new skills to the game. Some of the current Civ VI Commanders also have unique units and buildings. It is not clear if this will also be the case with Leader Pass leaders. The Leader Pass will be available for Windows, macOS, and iOS, and is free to owners of the Civilization VI anthology. It is not known how much the pass will cost outside of this anthology edition. Some leaders only work if certain DLC is purchased, as some leaders are tied to civilizations from the DLC.

Civilization VI was released in 2016 and last received DLC in January 2021, with the final pack released. New Border Corridor. The main expansions Rise, Fall and Gathering of the Storm were previously released.

package name new leaders date of publication
The Great Negotiator Pack Abraham Lincoln (USA), Queen Nzinga Mbandi (Congo) and Sultan Saladin (Arabia) November 21, 2022
Great Leaders Pack Tokugawa (Japan), Nader Shah (Persia*) and Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire*) Nnb
China Rulers Pack Yongle (China), Qin Shi Huang Unifier (China), Wu Zetian (China) Nnb
Desert Rulers Pak Ramesses (Egypt), Ptolemy Cleopatra (Egypt), and King Sundiata Keita (Mali*) Nnb
Great builders pack Theodora (Byzantine *), Sejong (Korea *) and Ludwig II (Germany) Nnb
Governor of England Pack Elizabeth I (England), Varangian Harald Hardrada (Norway) and Victoria – Age of Steam (England) March 2023

* Requires previously released DLC

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