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Although you try to stay “as neutral as possible,” you shoot to defend Simcity.

Modifications, especially assets, add up a lot already. But even the basic game without mods or DLC is much better than SimCity

IMHO the biggest problem was in simcities having only one small build space. With boring volumes because they were so small. I kind of hacked that by adding those other areas, but that always felt weird. Practically speaking, it was about creating one area where you dumped all polluting industries and landfill/power generation, and the other was your city.

The “smart agent” system above means that you can’t plan traffic, but you can’t create real quadrants or divisions either. And that you actually had to mix everything together as well as possible. It took all the depth from that game.
Loyalty not only residents did it, also water, electricity etc., it was just the same system with the same constraint

Not that the horizon lines are exhaustive now, certainly at the management level I think it’s a bit brief (everything except traffic can be solved with money, money flow later in the game.) but in the meantime it’s become so dominant that I hope I gave up on a match Other †

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