June 3, 2023

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Cities Are Waiting To Organize The Eurovision Song Contest, But What Will It Bring?

Cities Are Waiting To Organize The Eurovision Song Contest, But What Will It Bring?

It takes some research. Although countless tourists enjoy the view of Rotterdam from the Euromast, few remember a major event that took place in the same city about a year ago. They are passionate about Rotterdam and architecture, that’s for sure. But even after the Eurovision Song Contest, most people don’t ring the bell.

To address Spanish tourists, father and son. “The song contest has positively changed how I feel about the city,” the son says. “I knew Rotterdam was a modern city, but not because it is so free and open, with so much variety.”

17 cities

The above is not only applicable in Rotterdam. It’s a problem many cities face when deciding whether or not to hold a major event: how much will the festival save a city in the long run? This is also the case in Maasstad, where the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s largest TV show, took place exactly one year ago in Ahoy.

You might say the best ads hardly ever are.

At least that’s how they think about Italy. distance he won Måneskin asked the cities if they wanted to organize the festival. At least seventeen registered municipalities. finally gone Turin, in the north of the country, she ran away from profit. Today is the start of a week of music, next Tuesday is the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Festival.

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