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But what about the consumption of, say, laptops that also have a dedicated GPU in addition to the GPU integrated into the CPU?

Just tested (Intel + Nvidia, Linux and Firefox). By default, the active desktop GPU is used. This can be forced to become the integrated/dedicated GPU (just as with any other application), but only if the browser is completely restarted.

With the desktop via the integrated GPU and the browser enforced via the dedicated GPU, I see in WebGL that the dedicated GPU is being used correctly (via information provided by Firefox itself, and by the WebGL test page along with behavior from Nvidia GPU).

Browsers can add support for mixed graphics themselves, so that this choice doesn’t have to be made when the browser starts up. However, I think this mod is so convenient that it is not very interesting to develop it.

To find out which GPU is being used, you can visit: Support. It is also possible, for example through this web page. The last method makes the conclusion easier, but keep in mind that the video card model information may be incorrect. Look at the brand.

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