Christinoni introduces the new Minister of Agriculture | Policy

Christinoni introduces the new Minister of Agriculture |  Policy

The new Agriculture Minister will be introduced on Monday, exactly four weeks after the unexpected departure of Minister Christinoni Henk Staguerre. This was reported by insiders in The Hague.

According to The Hague’s sources, it would have taken a long time before the intended minister had said “yes” to the question put to him by Christinone’s leader Gert Jan Segers. Earlier it was clear that the party Struggle with quest to the successor of Stagouwer. Thanks to the appointment of nitrogen and future prospects for farmers, it is a risky task. Who do you want to do that, was the thought within the party.

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This will be presented to the new minister before the “mediator” Johann Remix on Wednesday with its results at. It also presents his vision for the future of the agricultural sector.

since then Staguerre’s departureOn September 5th, Carola Schuten will combine her ministerial position on poverty and pension policy with that of agriculture. Know the section. In the previous government she was the Minister of Agriculture. It is generally assumed that she does not aspire to this job now.

ChristenUnie is being gathered today at an extraordinary conference in Ede, mainly about Controversial asylum deal debated, which has been widely criticized within ChristenUnie. According to a spokesperson, the new Agriculture Minister will not be present.

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