Chris Zegers on Op1 Corrected About Ukraine: ‘Is It Propaganda’

Chris Zegers on Op1 Corrected About Ukraine: 'Is It Propaganda'

Chris Zegers didn’t make himself famous at the table in his opinion in 1. The actor and presenter spoke last night about the war in Ukraine and believes that the West can be blamed too. But in that story, the in 1Table not included. In fact, he soon gave a lecture by some of the restaurant goers. “This is straight from Russian propaganda.”

It’s been six months since Russia invaded Ukraine and that was also a topic of discussion on the talk show in 1. There, NATO President David Van Weel and Ukrainian resident Vita de Gius Kovalenko discussed the current situation and the future of Ukraine. Halfway through the topic, Chris Zegers also wanted to have his say on the war.

Chris Zegers: Ukraine is a victim of the political West

I think it is appalling that Ukraine is a victim of Russia’s invasion. They are victims, in part because of the geopolitics of the West,” he began his story. “I think that should be a priority for NATO,” he turned to NATO chief David Van Weyl, who is also a member of NATO. in 1table sat. “Keep in touch with Russia. Because I especially see an increase in military numbers.”

According to Chris Zegers, this is not the way out of the conflict. Isn’t the best solution to seek priority in counseling? We need to contact Russia to find a solution. Then Ukraine will no longer be the victim.” This is much better than “continuing to escalate the controversy,” something the West and NATO now consider guilty, according to the TV host.

NATO chief on Chris Zeigers’ words: ‘Russian propaganda’

With these words, he got into a fight with the head of NATO, David Van Wel. He said that Zeiger’s words “come directly from the Kremlin novel.” “The idea that Ukraine is a victim of the policies of the West comes straight from its propaganda,” he said.

He believes that the reason for the invasion is due to Russia alone. It is not about NATO or Western politics. We kept the conversations open until the last minute. In doing so, we continued to search for compromises, such as deploying troops to the eastern border. But it was very clear that Putin had already made a choice. ”

“People are not ready to speak now”

De Geus-Kovalenko also responded to Chris Zeigers’ words. „Sorry, as a Ukrainian I would like to add something. At this point you have to fight evil with evil,” she addressed the broadcaster and TV actor. “There were a lot of victims,” she says. on war crimes in her country. “You have to take into account the feeling, people are not ready to talk now.”

There are also criticisms of Chris Zeiger’s words on social media.

Although he also gets support from some quarters because of his words.

Chris Zegers confirms he supports Ukraine

After those harsh words, Zegers dumped his litter a bit. He wanted to clarify, “I support the Ukrainians in this matter.” “But I think mainly, what is the best solution? And I think the best solution is to always stay in touch with the aggressor. Despite the invasion by Russia.”

The Ukrainian residing in the Netherlands did not take part in this. “No, they speak a different language. If you keep talking, they will invade the other provinces,” she made the sore point.

Talks between Russia and Ukraine must end

However, it must happen one day: consultations between Ukraine and Russia. NATO chief David Van Weel knows that, too. Of course there will be consultations. Every conflict, until World War II, ended in political consultation. The only question is when both sides think the solution can be found there.”

According to him, the ball is basically with Russia. But we don’t see any change in Russia yet. They haven’t adjusted their goals and if they continue like this, you can’t sit with them around the table. We cannot reward Putin for seizing 20 per cent of a country by brute force. This is not the right time. But the moment will come in the future, let’s just hope that Ukraine will have the upper hand. ”

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