January 30, 2023

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Chip machine maker ASML continues to grow, but is uncertain about China

Chip machine maker ASML continues to grow, but is uncertain about China


NOS News

Global chip demand is driving the growth of chip machine manufacturer ASML upwards. The Dutch company recorded a sales volume of more than 21 billion euros last year and achieved profits amounting to 5.6 billion euros. The demand for the machines is so great that the company Expanding tremendously around its head office in Feldhoven.

In a brief explanation of the annual figures, ASML also reflects the uncertain economic situation, but the company says that customers indicated that the market will recover in the second half of this year. ASML confirms that the demand for chip machines is still high.

Despite the excellent numbers released by ASML this morning, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the company. Once again, the high-tech giant plays a role in the geopolitical struggle between the United States and China. This is about which country has the most technological power and therefore also military power. America wants to break the power of China and needs the Feldhoven company to do so.

More restrictions

ASML is not currently allowed to use the latest devices (EUV, intense ultraviolet radiationt) Sell to China. The United States wants far-reaching restrictions on the rest of ASML’s trade with China.

Last week, Prime Minister Rutte visited US President Biden at the White House, and ASML was also discussed there. What exactly was discussed is unknown.

Building factories

Besides ASML, other manufacturers are also benefiting from the exponentially increasing demand for computer chips. Manufacturers around the world are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to build new plants.

In addition, the focus is increasingly on the United States and Europe. in December Taiwanese TSMC announced To invest $40 billion in plants in Arizona. Intel She also has plans In Germany. Moreover, TSMC is also rumored to be coming to Germany. In all cases, sooner or later they will knock on the door of Dutch ASML.