China prepares for conflict; Pessimism is not good’

China prepares for conflict;  Pessimism is not good'
InternationalJan 28 ’23 at 07:56Author of the book: Samuel Hanegreifs

China expert Dice Dams of the Clinkendale Institute predicts that over time, the world will descend into a fight between China and the United States. ‘Europe must live in a world of two great powers. That will be key for us,’ says Dams at BNR De Wereld.

According to Dams, China is sure to become even more powerful in the future. Politically and militarily. “Beijing has said in policy documents that it can win any war with any adversary within 10 to 15 years.” That’s an ambiguous message. “China Prepares for Protracted Conflict.”

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For the United States, Dames says, this is an existential challenge. “It undermines America’s self-image as a hegemony.” He says it’s different in Europe. For us, the risks of cooperation with China can be absorbed.

A world with two superpowers

The Chinese expert believes that we should already be paying attention to Europe’s position in about twenty or thirty years, and by then in a world divided between those two superpowers. Mere pessimism will not achieve that goal. “There is no point in looking at possible military action by Beijing.”

In November 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz traveled to Beijing to meet President Xi Jinping. (Kay Nietfeld/Pool Photo via AP)

We should do better with China, he said. That is why it is important to act with a common voice towards China and at least get a seat at the table.

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Common European voice

Dams refers to a discussion of Dutch chipmaker ASML. ‘We don’t sit around the table together like Europe and China. Negotiations are also underway in the US. Europe is seen as a playing field but not a leading player.’

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