China and the United States scold each other

China and the United States scold each other

US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Xi Jinping This first visit to China by a senior US diplomat led by Joe Biden did not go well. After the meeting, the two countries went home angry.

Sherman’s visit to Beijing was aimed at re-establishing relations. Foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg speaks ‘Strong Bonje’ between diplomats. ‘They sat together for a long time and discussed many things. Now came the full list of complaints we are well aware of. Treatment of Uyghurs, theft of knowledge, cyber attacks. Wendy Sherman talked a lot with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, but times have changed. The Chinese were quiet and attentive. Under President Ji it has completely disappeared. China is now wondering where the US will get the courage to talk about human rights.

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The future between nations

According to Hummelberg, there are a few things to keep in mind. The G20 summit will take place in October. President Ji and President Pita are expected to meet there. At least that is what is being pointed out in China. The second thing to note is that these are the largest trading partners in the world. China and the United States may fight each other, but you also need each other because trade is immeasurable.


Hemelberg thinks Europeans do not like the current tone between Europe and China. ‘Europe is looking for ways to have a better dialogue with China and does not want to put itself in front of the US cart. The tone has changed under Trump, but not after Biden, “said Hummelberg

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