January 27, 2023

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Cherry introduces MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile switches without an audible click – Computer – News

Cherry markets the silent alternative to the Ultra Low Profile switch, the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile. The mechanical keys are only 3.5mm in height and, unlike the regular ULP key from 2021, don’t make a clicking sound when pressed.

The new keys have a travel of 1.8 millimeters and require a pressure of 65 and 52 centimeters to fully depress the key and turn it on, respectively. Cherry suggests† All these specifications correspond to those of Regular MX Ultra Low Profile, with no audible click being the distinguishing factor of the tactile variant. RGB lighting is also possible under the switch.

Just like the brand’s Brown keychain, the Ultra Low Profile keys, including the tactile variant, have a perceptible pressure limit. Unlike a linear switch, the user feels the moment when the switch is actually pressed. Cherry currently has three sizes of keys. Ultra Low Profile Series Tracks Advertised 2018 Toggle MX Low Profile With a height of 11.9 mm. Standard MX wrenches are 18.5mm in height.

Cherry announces that switches for the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile will initially be in the already announced announcement MSI Titan GT77 Will appear. also premium Pirate Voyager A1600The gaming laptop uses the tactile variable of the ultra-thin keys.

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