Chateau Meiland viewers stunned by Code Rosé breakfast: ‘This is ridiculous’

Chateau Meiland viewers stunned by Code Rosé breakfast: 'This is ridiculous'

It’s as if the Meilandjes want to be able to shut down Code Rosé soon. Viewers are going crazy about the unsavory events that happen during breakfast at the guest house. At Chateau Meiland you can see how Martien wants to prepare sandwiches and croissants in the oven in the morning without wearing gloves. It went so wrong that at some point the fire alarm went off. When leftover coffee is spotted in the cup, Martin just shrugs his shoulders.

‘Isn’t that funny?’ To throw the rolls directly into the oven and take them out without gloves? no!’ Pens a viewer, who might thank him for a night out in Noordwijk. “You can also put regular rolls in the oven. This is really ridiculous,” writes another. Some people especially laugh at Martin’s demands on a kitchen that he doesn’t even know how to use optimally. ‘Beautiful, elegant kitchen with gold faucet. At home. In the catering industry, efficiency and reliability should be the first priority. And: “Great people, but gaining some knowledge in preparation and catering is not an unnecessary luxury.”

There is also anger at Erica’s proposed solution to continue Code Rosé, without Martine having to lie on a stretcher in the guest house. Melissa asks the residential carer if she wants to move in. The student, who really wants to live on her own, reacts suspiciously. But when Erica promised her that everything would be beautifully renovated, she indicated that she would think about it.

“Say, ‘Get that girl to work 24 hours under the guise of ‘then she gets a bigger house.'” “Dodgy, Erica,” says one viewer, also warning Melissa: “Don’t do it, girl! You will lose your free life and be employed 24 hours a day by Code Rosé.

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“They’re actually trying to rent someone to live there,” another said. What were the dears thinking? [van] Finally to clean up the mess themselves. First Martin for 3 months, then Erica then Maxime, then Maxime’s supporters who do it while jumping.

Some people also miss some honesty from Meilandjes about why Code Rosé needs a permanent resident. “Couldn’t they have said it better, ‘We need someone to live here because we didn’t arrange the permits in time.’”

Chateau Meyland It can be watched every Monday at 8:30pm on SBS6 and you can Look back here.

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