Charly Luske after the Voice scandal: Jeroen Rietbergen is just flirting

Charly Luske after the Voice scandal: Jeroen Rietbergen is just flirting

Coming earlier this year Angry with a ring around Holland sound Where they denounced the violations surrounding the program. On the online programme, several women talk about accusations of band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, Ali B and Marco Borsato, among others, of sexual offending behaviour. However, according to Charlie, people should be careful Trial by the media. “All these allegations, there will never be.” He is therefore skeptical of the allegations: “A number of things that did not happen have already been proven. (…) Wrong is wrong, but how are you going to correct it if it turns out that they are not? Broken.”

The singer also wants to say something about the accusations against band leader Jeroen: “I’ve known Jeroen for twenty years, he’s just flirting. But I’ve never seen him touch anyone or do anything like that.” Now that the case is with the police and the judge, the singer believes that all the attention still being given to this fuss depends on the “excitement.” “He just doesn’t care about it at all,” he explains. “Violations are revealed by the police, investigation and judges.” However, Charlie sympathizes with the victims: “I was lucky to be a man and I was 33 at the time, so I wasn’t hit or yelled or anything by anyone.”

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