Chantal Janzen Is Open About Cheating In A Previous Relationship: “I Got Sick” | Displays

Chantal Janzen Is Open About Cheating In A Previous Relationship: "I Got Sick" |  Displays

Chantal Janzen was cheated on by her ex-partner in the past. The 44-year-old TV presenter shares a story about this in her magazine editorial & c. “As much as I tried to ignore it, I knew it happened often,” Janzen says of one of her early partners.

The presenter shares her “worst time” when she came back after spending the weekend with friends. “The moment I put the key in his front door,” she writes, “I felt sick to my stomach.” Janzen walked straight to the trash can. I pulled out a used condom. I just knew: I have to go there. I put him on the coffee table and waited for him to come home.

According to Janzen, a fight ensued, in which there was a lot of crying. ‘Did you leave him? no. I knew I had to end the relationship because he wouldn’t, but I was still young and I thought: I can get out of this.

Janzen has been engaged to her husband, Marco Geratz, since 2006. Together they have two sons. James was born in 2009 and in 2018 the couple had their second son, Bobby. Previously, Janzen was also in a relationship with Johnny De Mol for three years.

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