Celebrities in The Masked Singer are often unknown to André van Duin

André van Duin en Samantha Steenwijk

André van Duin is often not even known to the celebrities who participate in The Masked Singer. Sometimes he sees a star coming out of a suit, which he does not recognize at all. “Then I think: Now I don’t know who he is yet.”

© Roland J. Reinders, RTL

Few people are as famous as Andre Van Doyen. M He asks him if he tested that someone doesn’t know him. “Yes, of course I don’t know, people don’t come to me on the street and say they don’t know me. But I understand what you mean. Although I think it might be different with young people.”

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Young people who don’t watch TV, for example, says Andrei. “What should they know me from? That also works another way, right? I don’t know all the Dutch celebrities anymore. For example, if I watched The Masked Singer on TV and someone took off his hood, I think: I don’t know who he is yet, I have no idea. “

Andrei watches RTL 4 with great pleasure. “Just like Ik Vertrek and Even tot Hier, these two guys do a great job. I also love the TV canteen, Carlo is awesome there. Netflix is ​​not very good for me, it all takes time.”


There is one big obstacle to being known: Dating is very difficult. “Whether I’ll ever notice if someone is going for me or a celebrity, I don’t know. I’ve never done that. In fact, I’ve known all my friends and loved ones for a long time. I still think that if it did, it must be someone I’ve known since a period “.

“I’m not closing the door to a new love. I’m not actively looking, not on Tinder. It would be nice. Although at the same time I think: I’m about 75, I have a backpack full of experiences and that goes for the other person too. Is You still want all that?”

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