CD Projekt RED will not release new content for Gwent from 2024 – Gaming News

CD Projekt RED will stop releasing new content for the online card game Gwent in 2024. The studio will come up with new cards and esports tournaments around the game next year, but will stop doing so in 2024. Gwent will remain online after that time.

CD Projekt will stop supporting Gwent: The Witcher Card Game starting in 2024, Confirms the company to IGN. The game then shifts to a “community-driven approach”, known by the studio as Project Gwentfinity. Since then, the company says, only a small team will keep the game running. The remaining Gwent developers will be housed elsewhere within CD Projekt RED.

The game will switch to a new progression system based on “Seasons” in 2024. Players will then have the opportunity to vote on changes to the game balance. Certain restrictions are set to prevent tampering and the implementation of “game hack” changes. The game will no longer receive major updates.

The Polish game studio will release new content for the card game in 2023. 72 new maps will be added to Gwent next year, across three expansions that will be released in April, July and September 2023. In addition, two esports tournaments will be hosted and the game will continue to receive monthly balance adjustments.

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