Caroline van der Plas Borrows Makeup From Rachel Hazes: ‘Too Much Brown’

Caroline van der Plas Borrows Makeup From Rachel Hazes: 'Too Much Brown'

On a new episode of Celebrities in the Hospital, 54-year-old Caroline van der Plas forgot her cosmetic bag. Fortunately, assistant nurse Rachel Hayes, 52, still had some ointments and powders on hand at the hospital.

“I haven’t gone without makeup for 40 years”

“So I forgot my full suitcase with my makeup, deodorant, and hairspray,” the glitzy politician begins when she’s hospitalized for another day of training. “It sounds really stupid: ‘I need my makeup’ – like you’re going to do a fashion show here – but I haven’t been without makeup for 40 years. I don’t feel good if I don’t. Don’t do anything.”

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Luckily, there’s a makeup bag from Rachel Hazes, the big tanning-bed lover, who’s taking a day off by herself. Caroline can start lubricating until she has André Hazes’ widow’s foundation in her hands. “Let’s test it out,” she says, somewhat suspiciously. “Oh, no. That’s too much for me. Sorry Rachel, that’s too brown for me.”

Caroline is grateful to Rachel for the cosmetics she can use and decides to call her. “I’m in makeup,” she began the video call, thrilled. With a look of approval from Rachel, Caroline could start her shift.

Caroline, feeling better about herself again, immediately shows she’s made for healthcare. For example, she presents a listening ear to an 82-year-old man in the surgical department who has already been hospitalized for the third time. Of the patient, she says, “It was like my father was. What a nice guy.” Her mentor is thrilled with the politician as an apprentice. “Caroline is good at talking to patients. Also at showing interest in the patient himself.”

When the older man has to go to the operating room, Caroline becomes emotional. “Here he is waiting now (…) I wish I had caught him.” Her teacher sees that all this is happening. “I think it’s so special to see (…) that it makes Caroline so emotional when you leave someone behind. That’s a committed feeling in someone. And it’s good to have something,” he says. Fortunately, the process is going well.

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Earlier this week, Marcel van Rosmalen made Inside the media It is known that celebrities receive a fee of about 2,500 euros for their participation in the program. Caroline informed RTL Boulevard that she will transfer the fees and all other fees to a foundation that conducts research in pancreatic cancer. The disease from which her husband died.

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