Cara Delevingne is outspoken about addiction and mental health

Cara Delevingne is outspoken about addiction and mental health

Photographed at Delevingne’s Los Angeles home for her cover story for the April issue of American Vogue, says Cara Delevingne in a candid interview with Vogue editor Chioma Nnadi.

Cara Delevingne on addiction and mental health

The 30-year-old model is used to talking about her history with mental illness and addiction. She spoke about depression she faced as a teenager when she first appeared in Vogue in 2015. But as her struggles have become more publicized in recent months, she has become the subject of painful investigation. “I get hired a lot to talk about things like mental health and advocate for people who are struggling, but wow, if I’m struggling myself, it’s not OK,” she says. “This is work, and it’s sad to see.”

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Today, Delevingne is enjoying the firsts that come with the healing process (she prefers that term to “healing,” saying, “You don’t recover, and that’s okay. I prefer ‘healing,’ because I’m constantly working on it”). She was elated on her first sober holiday last year, and is very focused on helping others who share her experience of pain and learning from what she’s going through. “Your life can change, if you give yourself a chance to be who you really are and sit in this awkward, oh my gosh, it’s uncomfortable!” she admits. “But it gets better and it’s worth it.”

Watch the full video of Cara Delevingne telling her story of addiction and mental health below.

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This article was originally published by US Vogue.

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